How to link Live/Hotmail accounts to save you from having to log out/in all the time

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Live@Edu
Here’s another handy thing you can do with Live@Edu: link two or more Microsoft IDs together and switch quickly between these identities.

I guess many of you already have a Hotmail or Live (or ‘other’ Microsoft) account *. Probably many of you save your username and password to save you from having to log in each time you use a service (but only on your personal computer, right?). Now Anglia Ruskin University has very kindly given you another Microsoft account, and now you will have to keep logging out of one account and logging in to the other. Pain in the bum.

But wait! <fanfares, excitement, much joy> There is a solution!

You can link together up to four Microsoft accounts and switch between them very quickly. No logging out required. You can do this as follows:

  1. Log in to your student account (
  2. You should be at your Account Overview page. If not, hit
  3. In the Other Options section at the bottom of the screen you will see a Linked IDs link. Click this.
  4. Click on Add linked ID, then enter your password for your student account first **, then the ID and password of the account you would like to link in (e.g.
  5. Now at any time you can return to and click/hover over your username at the top right of the page. At the bottom of the drop-down menu is a list of all the accounts you’ve linked together. Click on any one to instantly switch to it. No re-logging in required

A point to note: when you’re in your Outlook inbox (and at other places in the Microsoft app world) you’ll see a username at the top right, but clicking on it doesn’t offer the quick-switch option for some reason. Simply hit again and continue from there. Probably best to add a link to to save you some typing/remembering.

The link is ‘both ways’ too, meaning you can log in to you ‘other’ account and quick-switch to your Anglia Ruskin account.

You can unlink and account at any time by going to the screen in Step 4 and following the on-screen prompts.

Useful stuff!

* Microsoft online accounts have had many names over the years, but to all intents and purposes they are the same thing. Hotmail, Live, Live@Edu, Microsoft ID, probably some other names too. They’re the same thing really. However, different accounts have access to different ‘things’, so you might need to sign up for an Outlook Web App on your old ID, for example.

** If you don’t know your Student ID password or if this screen doesn’t want to accept your current password then you probably need to re-sync you password. Follow the guide in my earlier post:!F87B6297C6C48142!133.entry

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    thanks lots mate, help lots

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