Posted: September 7, 2010 in Live@Edu
I’ve been playing around with Live@Edu for a few hours now and my verdict is…BRILLIANT!

It does SO much, all so very easily. I can see this quickly becoming the de facto online place for students to meet, discus and share their stuff. Facebook Schmacebook.

A little tip for you all: logging in via My.Anglia is all very well, and is fine for accessing your Inbox, Groups, Spaces etc. but some functionality (such as Instant Messaging) is better if you can log directly in to your account. This is because, technically, you do not have a Live@Edu password. The Single Sign-On link from My.Anglia gives you a short-life ‘token’, but no password is exchanged.

So, by default you cannot log in directly, and you cannot change your Live@Edu password directly. You can fix this by resetting your Anglia Ruskin password at the following website:

This will then re-sync your Anglia Ruskin password to your Live@Edu account and you can now log in directly at using your username in the format: [your username] and with your new password. E.g.

So after all this, you can now do cool things like sync your calendar to your mobile device (I’ll post instructions on how to do this later) and register your Instant Messaging account with an IM aggregator like Trillian (again, I’ll post instructions about this too).

Hope this helps someone!



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