Live@edu student induction

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Live@Edu
Live@edu is our new student email service. Beyond email, it does lots of other useful things: calendars, contacts list, groups, document and photo sharing, Microsoft Office Web App, blogs, file storage and more.

If you are a returning student you should no longer use our old Outlook Web Access system. However, this will remain available for a short while so you can read your archived messages.

Your Live@edu account is accessible through My.Anglia. Simply log in with your student username and password then click on the ‘Login to Live@edu’ link.

Support and guidance can be found on our website at There is also a link to this blog, which contains Live@edu tips and tricks as I discover them.

Presentation points:

  • Explain what Live@edu is and how Anglia Ruskin University expects that students use it
  • Show how to log in via My.Anglia
  • Explain the difference between [username] and [firstname.lastname]
  • Briefly demo Inbox, Calendars and Contacts
  • Briefly demo Office Web Apps and sharing
  • Describe SkyDrive, storage limits, how to use it etc.
  • Show the ‘All services’ screen and briefly talk to the list
  • Briefly explain that to log in directly ( you need to reset your password (using and show the password reset website

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