Windows Professional 7 for £30, Office 2010 Pro for £50

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Anglia Ruskin Students

Yesterday I told you about how students can save money on Apple purchases and how you can download free (educational license) Microsoft development software.

Today I’ll tell you how anyone with a email address can save a whole load of cash on Microsoft software. Unlike ‘educational licenced’ software, these products are completely unrestricted; they’re just cheaper for students and staff of UK higher education establishments.

Go here:

When asked ‘are you a student?’ click Yes, even if you are staff. It’s ok, I’ve checked several times: staff are eligible for this offer. The website splash screen is just poorly worded.

In order to purchase you must use your …@… email address. By default you just get a download link and you have to burn the installers to DVD yourself. If you’d rather have a box, pressed DVD and media then I think you have to pay a little extra.

But either way you’ll save yourself a bundle of cash. Windows 7 Professional will cost you £30 as opposed to £160 and Office 2010 Professional (Academic) for £50 instead of £320. That’s a saving of over 80%.

Freakin’ yah!

More savings to come soon for Dell and hopefully IBM.



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