So it begins!

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Infrastructure Management and Disaster Recovery

Day one complete.

The Infrastructure Management and Disaster Recovery module is massive. Huge. I easily have 200 hours of reading to do. Probably 250 hours. Maybe more. Add to that all the lab work and the small matter of the assignment and I predict that I’ll see sunlight again perhaps in January.

I’ve spent two hours reading the first chapter of 11 essential chapters for this week. Did the CISCO lab exercises too (perfunctorily, I might add, as they were a little Mickey Mouse – CISCO ‘Introduction To’ exercises are notoriously woolly) and took the test at the end. Brain is now fried.

I think I’m going to actually start taking my lunchbreaks from now on, and my time will be spent reading.

I’m a little concerned by the need to be on-site for the module’s official lab exercises. If these can be completed within each week’s 3-hour workshop then I’ll be fine, but I can’t afford any more time out of the office, nor can I travel from Chelmsford to Cambridge another day in the week. I’ll see how it goes tomorrow before I start panicing.

Sorry, I’m sounding a little overwhelmed. That’s because I am.



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