Learning, well, quite quickly

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Infrastructure Management and Disaster Recovery

The title of this post was going to be ‘Learning slowly’ but actually the time frame doesn’t allow for tardiness, so I’m putting in silly hours, learning all I can about routing, address spaces, subnets, VPNs, IOS… I’m happy with my progress so far :)

I have so far failed to replicate ‘the cloud’ using frame relay. As I mentioned yesterday, I can get directly-connected devices to talk to each other perfectly. It’s those devices one or more routers beyond that are giving me grief. I still tend to think that Packet Tracer’s not-quite-accurate emulation could be the fault here, although I certainly can’t rule out my ignorance. I’ll check this out in the lab tomorrow with some physical exercises rather than the emulated stuff I’ve been doing so far.

This evening I managed to get an IP VPN cloud working too. I have three VPN end points each on their own subnet (one of which is further subdivided), each able to communicate with each other securely, ostensibly as if they were situated together. Bearing in mind a week ago I had only a perfunctory understanding of what I just wrote, I’m pretty pleased that I now know a fair bit about what goes on behind the scenes here. And, of course, the fact that my configuration actually works is a bonus!

Here’s my topology. You didn’t expect me to give all of my secrets away, did you?

Tomorrow: IOS security, physical lab work and a beer.



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