Configuring HACME Bank

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Infrastructure Management and Disaster Recovery

Hi all,

Just a little tip for you. After installing the HACME Bank application in your XP SP3 VM there is a final configuration step you’ll need to undertake which I haven’t seen documented elsewhere.

By default IIS 5.1 is limited to 10 concurrent HTTP connections. This is because IIS on an XP machine isn’t intended for production use, so Microsoft discourage this by setting the user limit unusably low. You can’t increase the total  number of connections, but you can turn of ‘HTTP keep-alive’ so that persistent connections are not possible. This decreases the likelihood of using up all available connections. If you do use them up you’ll get a 403.9 response.

Just go into Control Panel/Administrative Tools/IIS, nagivate to the top level of your website and right-click/Properties Now turn off ‘HTTP keep-alive enabled’.


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