Assignment woes

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Infrastructure Management and Disaster Recovery

Hi all,

I’m back. I didn’t really go anywhere, but I’ve been too busy writing up my latest assignment to bother with such frivolities as blogging up the place. Respec.

So I have 4,000 words to play with. Three sections:

  • Part 1) Network design and implementation, 40% of the overall mark
  • Part 2) HACME network performance tools, 20%
  • Part 3) HACME security audit, 30%
  • Added value: 10%

By my reckoning that means 1600 words, 800 and 1200 respectively, plus a little in reserve for good times. So what do I do about that then? My Part 1) is already 5000 words and I barely said a thing. Part 2) 4000 words. Part 3) 5000 words. And I’m pretty good at précis writing (believe it or not).

Gah! I’m gonna have to slice up this bad boy to buggery and put all the less-great-than-other-great-stuff in the appendices. Damn you, mathematics!


    • rymixxx says:

      Cheers Paul, appreciate it. I just started going through Assignment Draft v15 with the assignment brief alongside. If it isn’t directly related to the brief (or my best guess at ‘added value’ then it’s OUTATHERE.

      Well, into the appendices and referenced, most likely ;)

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