Project planning and other tedious pursuits

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Independent Learning Module, Research Methods

My project is going to take a lot of work. Honestly, probably more work than a Masters dissertation should take, but this is something that interests me and may lead onto an extended project next year, so a little extra effort now should pay off in the long run. Here’s my project plan so far. I’d describe it as Prince 2 Lite framework (minus nearly all of the paperwork!) with DSDM for the development phase. It’s difficult when there’s only one developer, who also happens to be the PM and the tester and that statistician and the researcher. Easy to get carried away.

Aside from that I’ve been trawling through a seemingly endless pile of reference papers. There are literally thousands of relevant papers that I could choose to cite. It’s very tedious and time-consuming trying to select the best ones. I quite like the doing aspects of research, but the research bits are a little less exciting. Interesting, but not exciting.


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