A couple more Kinect demos

Posted: April 11, 2011 in Independent Learning Module, Kinect, Research Methods

Here are a couple of new proof-of-concept demos I’ve been working on. I take no credit for the clever stuff here :) But I am going to grab Vangos Pterneas’s WPF example and run with it; it’s exactly what I was going to write myself, but now this lovely fella has done most of the hard work for me! Thanks, dude. Much love.

Skeletal tracking using a C#.NET 4.0 WPF wrapper for the OpenNI NITE middleware. This simple demo does not contain positioning correction (the depth-sensor and RGB camera are offset along the X-axis, hence appear to by out of sync), nor does it ostensibly provide functionality beyond some of the other demos I’ve posted, but the fact that it’s 100% .NET 3.5+ WPF stuff opens the door to a huge range of possibilities. Huge. I can’t overstate this.

Skeletal tracking, mapped into a virtual 3D space. This is effectively how a real-time avatar could be created. Note the different view angles that can be achieved despite the fact that there’s only a single sensor device situated in front of the subject.


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