Welcome to 2011, Microsoft!

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Independent Learning Module, Kinect

Today I learned of some exciting news from out friends in Redmond: the official Microsoft Kinect SDK will be open source!

Check it: http://nui.joshland.org/2011/04/official-kinect-sdk-to-be-open-source.html

Big caveat here: this is yet to be confirmed, and there seemed to be some confusion/disagreement in the report, but that Microsoft are even considering open source as an option is a huge step forward for us and them.

The prospect does raise questions about the other open source/open standards solutions already available, especially OpenNI and Freenect. Namely, what’s the point of all three? Surely there’s too much overlap for these to play nicely together for long, so what next? Will Microsoft’s official SDK consume one or both of them? Will one die off completely? Time will tell…

  1. Tony Lane says:

    It could be a cynical attempt to capture the market, or a genuine attempt to improve the technology through engagement with the open source community.

    • rymixxx says:

      Time will tell. This morning’s news suggests that Microsoft might be backtracking on this a bit. But back in November last year they said “we absolutely don’t condone the misuse of our Kinect device” then a couple of days later said “we’ll do nothing at all to stop amateur devs from creating their own Kinect stuff”. So who knows?

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