The funk of forty thousand years

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Music

Is this my time? It’s warm inside
Is that my soul? Nowhere to hide
She isn’t here, but the rhythm draws her near
The music of my mind sings of stars and moons aligned
Backbeat’s gonna get ya
Take your time, see how long it takes ya

I’m in too deep. It’s hot inside
Who needs to sleep? Downward slide
The lengths I would go to to find her again
Tells of a rare groove that was deeper for us then
Turn up the bass
Throw in a nineth, feel the crowd’s embrace

Where’s the heat? It’s nineteen seventy nine
Spread the feeling all around. Feeling fine
The funk of forty thousand years makes the head seem bolder
Distance makes the heart grow older
Disco strings
The rhythm never leaves you, gets under your skin

Memory fades, joy remains
Distance grows, love sustains
Music builds a brighter way
Sing today what you cannot say

It’s cold outside. Was that my time?


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