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It’s three days since I somehow managed to get my KinectDTW project onto the SlashDot front page, and I’m still trying to get my head around the response. 220 release downloads and 60 grabbed the source from the repo. Ok, so far from Earth-shattering figures, but I think it shows healthy enthusiasm for what I’m trying to achieve here. That is to say I wanted to give people a tool to get them started with making their own Kinect-based gesture control systems.

I’ve had lots of feedback to, almost universally positive. And any detractors just don’t like Microsoft or the Kinect, nothing bad about the KinectDTW project itself. So the next challenge must be to become established in the community, rather than just a novelty factor. I’ve no idea how to do this, but I’ll work something out. A few well-placed links will be a good start, but then I will need to follow this up with improving the system, perhaps making it open-standards, and definitely by responding to feedback.

So if you’re yet to see it, check out It’s far from perfect, but that’s kind of the point: I’d love the community to pick this up and roll with it.