DTW graphing

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Dissertation, Kinect
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I have made good progress in writing up some of the more mathematical aspects of my project. I’m having difficulty knowing at which level to pitch the work. I have to assume a reasonable mathematical understanding otherwise I’ll just burn up my word count describing simple principles. However, if I pitch it too highly then I could miss marks for not being explanatory enough. I’ll talk about this with my supervisor. After all, she’ll be marking the work, so it’s best to ask what she would like to see.

Needless to say, there will be lots of graphs. I’m trying to work out a good way of displaying multi-variate dataset comparisons on one graph. DTW works equally well with flat arrays or 2D arrays of data. This project uses 2D arrays because, firstly, we’re dealing with co-ordinates (i.e. data pairs, so I’m forces to use multi-variate data) but also because I’m tracking six joints, so I have 12 pieces of data per time frame.

I think I’ll show an aggregated view like this, but properly labelled. I’ll then extract a few individual columns and use a three-way plot of some description to show slopes, lines of least cost etc for several sequences (i.e. similar, dissimilar etc.).

It’s too late for this. The graph looks wrong somehow but I can’t see why. I’ll work it out tomorrow.


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