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This evening I release a short video of a WPF User Control I made. It’s a little plug-and-play component for the Kinect SDK (beta 2…probably works in beta 1 too) to emulate the touch and hold style pointer system used in so many Kinect applications.

I will tidy this up in the coming days and release it to the community. It’s rather simple and I’ve seen various implementations of this elsewhere on the internet, but none of them have been released formally. If I can help someone out with this then great!

Aside, I was stunned to see this get 150 hits in about two minutes. I was equally stunned to see the counter immediately reset to zero and it hasn’t counted up since. Of course, I’m inclined to believe the more flattering score. Naturally :)


Weird chain of coincidences

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Music

Here’s a weird coincidence: earlier roday I recalled a magician act from the 1980s. Some guy dressed in futuristic gear basically waving a false leg behind a sheet to the Peter Gunn tune. This passed as entertainment for an eight year old in the 80s. I thoght I would look him up online later but forgot.

Instead I started looking through an audio library and found a jazz violin piece in a 1930s dance hall style. It reminded me of the Jeeves and Wooster music. I remembered that the theme was written by Ann Dudley of Art of Noise fame, so I looked her up on Wikipedia. Then I saw that Art of Noise did a cover of Peter Gunn.

Searched to find that their cover of Peter Gunn was performed to by a magician called Rudy Coby. Ooooh…spooky.

The Jeeves and Wooster theme is pure awesome:

As is Anne Dudley and Art of Noise:

However, Rudy Coby was best left to memory: