Weird chain of coincidences

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Music

Here’s a weird coincidence: earlier roday I recalled a magician act from the 1980s. Some guy dressed in futuristic gear basically waving a false leg behind a sheet to the Peter Gunn tune. This passed as entertainment for an eight year old in the 80s. I thoght I would look him up online later but forgot.

Instead I started looking through an audio library and found a jazz violin piece in a 1930s dance hall style. It reminded me of the Jeeves and Wooster music. I remembered that the theme was written by Ann Dudley of Art of Noise fame, so I looked her up on Wikipedia. Then I saw that Art of Noise did a cover of Peter Gunn.

Searched to find that their cover of Peter Gunn was performed to by a magician called Rudy Coby. Ooooh…spooky.

The Jeeves and Wooster theme is pure awesome:

As is Anne Dudley and Art of Noise:

However, Rudy Coby was best left to memory:


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