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Posted: October 30, 2010 in Anglia Ruskin Students

Why is the fifth most popular search on my blog “the coming of the chosen one demands celebration”?


Yesterday I told you about how students can save money on Apple purchases and how you can download free (educational license) Microsoft development software.

Today I’ll tell you how anyone with a email address can save a whole load of cash on Microsoft software. Unlike ‘educational licenced’ software, these products are completely unrestricted; they’re just cheaper for students and staff of UK higher education establishments.

Go here:

When asked ‘are you a student?’ click Yes, even if you are staff. It’s ok, I’ve checked several times: staff are eligible for this offer. The website splash screen is just poorly worded.

In order to purchase you must use your …@… email address. By default you just get a download link and you have to burn the installers to DVD yourself. If you’d rather have a box, pressed DVD and media then I think you have to pay a little extra.

But either way you’ll save yourself a bundle of cash. Windows 7 Professional will cost you £30 as opposed to £160 and Office 2010 Professional (Academic) for £50 instead of £320. That’s a saving of over 80%.

Freakin’ yah!

More savings to come soon for Dell and hopefully IBM.


Calling all students (and staff*)! Did you know are entitled to an educational discount when you purchase certain hardware and software from the Apple Online Store? You get around 13% off all Macbooks and Macs. There are other discounts too, none of which are to be sniffed at. This is frikkin’ awesome!

Here’s how you do it:

1) Firstly, you must do this from on-site. You must be browsing from an Anglia Ruskin network for this to work. Valid networks include any classroom PC/Mac, your own laptop over wifi and our student digs.

2) Go to

3) Click on ‘Select Your University’

4) Select ‘Eastern’ from the first selectbox and ‘Anglia Ruskin’ from the second one. Click Continue.

You are now browsing Anglia Ruskin’s view of the Apple Store. The prices you see are inclusive of our discount. We don’t get a discount on everything, but the discount we do get is pretty impressive. For example, a Macbook Pro costs us £859 instead of the standard retail price of £999. That’s nearly14% off!

Just browse the store as usual, checkout as usual and job’s a goodun!

I’m just full of great advice at the moment!

Peace, y’all. Steve

* Yup: Anglia Ruskin staff are eligible for this deal too. There are terms and conditions you must agree too, of course…

Microsoft Dreamspark is a website which students can register for to get free educational versionsions of the very latest Microsoft software. It also contains lots of sample files, eBooks and tutorial videos. If you’re studying a computing or design course here, you’ll probably need some of this software. Follow this guide to get full access to the website and its impressive list of software (see bottom of post).

From Dreamspark you can download fully functional, legitimate, licensed versions of any of the following software:

  • Visual Studio 2010 Professional
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
  • Visual Studion 2010 Express
  • Expression Studio 4 Ultimate
  • SQL Server 2008 Developer
  • Windows Server 2008 Standard
  • XNA Game Studio 3.1
  • Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R3
  • Virtual PC
  • MultiPoint Mouse SDK
  • Windows Embedded CE 6.0
  • SQL Server Express
  • Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition
  • Visual C# 2008 Express Edition
  • Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition
  • Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition
  • Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition
  • Windows Server 2003

Right, now this is a bit convoluted. Stick with it, because it’s worth it in the end.

1) You must have reset your Anglia Ruskin Password. If you haven’t already, do so here:

2) You need to know how to log in to the University Library system. To do this you need your Libraray Barcode number. This is the long number on your Library card. You can also see you Library barcode number if you log in to e-Vision, as shown below.

3) Log in to using your Library barcode number and your Library password (which is a 4-digit code made from your month and year of birth. Further help is available on the Libweb website.).

4) Click on Database Finder in the menu on the left.

5) Perform a search for dreamspark

6) Click on the Dreamspark search result title. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Dreamspark website. This is, but don’t hit it directly! You need to go through Libweb for this process to work properly.

7) If you are luck you will already be signed in to the Microsoft network with your Live@edu account (i.e. [username] If not, click on Sign In at the top right and log in with: [username] and your normal password (the same one you use to log in to a desktop).

8) On the left of the Dreamspark page click Get Verified.

9) Ensure United Kingdom is selected, Click on Verify as a Student, then click on Get verified through my School. Continue.

10) Now click on Anglia Ruskin University in the select list. Do not choose the ‘Beta’ option. Click Continue.

11) You will bounce off to an Athens authentication screen and then back to the Dreamspark website. You should now be verified. If not, something went wrong. Raise a support call with the Library IT Helpdesk

12) Now you can download all this stuff.

Now don’t tell me this wasn’t worth the effort!